Monday, March 21, 2011

Hannah Kramm Print Series

.......The location this series is inspired by is the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn......

I would like to experiment with a series of three small plates arranged horizontally but with space between. These will be registered off one another and printed on single pass through the press as one image. The spaces between the plates can serve as a metaphor for the passing of time, and of hidden elements that get forgotten with history, as well as a reference to the physical, as bridges spanning a body of water separating it into sections.

The printing process is similar to geological time, layers corrosion and wear make a complete image after the many steps of process line up on top of eachother. This series focuses the concepts of Wear, Erosion, Accumulation, Trapping and Scraping, because of the endless flow and motion over a surface of water through time.

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