About Waterlogged

This class explores the process of mark-making in the landscape from glacial to hydrologic to human.  We will examine the existence of remnant waterways and their relationship to the city’s organizational patterns and forms.   Using printmaking, restoration ecology, public space design we will explore the ecological impact of the intersection of historic waterways and urban infrastructure.   

The class will use a series of three Sunday workshops in intaglio printmaking—etching metal plates with acid—to explore mark making on an intimate level.  Printmaking, like the evolution of a landscape, is a process of applying constraints and building layers.  In this class we will use it to explore the affect of processes on a given condition. Moving from copper plates to urban landscapes, students will apply their investigations to develop projects that engage remnant waterways with a new set of marks.  We will use historic maps to help direct and locate projects that employ water, ecological principles and installations in public space to re-think the relationship between water and urban landscapes.

For a visual introduction watch this video