Monday, March 21, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge Park Printmaking

The Brooklyn Bridge Park consisted of many different textures. Since it is a spot where concrete, stones, the water, wind, trains and planes get combined, I thought it would be a rich area for observations. In terms of geometry, I think using undefined shapes and lines would imitate the movements I saw and felt in the site. For example, wave lines and maybe punctured holes can help me express the wind and the water. Words that may describe my site can be: erode, disrupt, and overlay. Below are three prints from my process of printmaking based on my sketch of what I observed in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

During my printmaking process, I tried to focus on the words that I chose before I started. I feel like the idea of eroding came through on my plate because the more I added on, the more "noise" I felt was created. More texture was implanted, and my plate's surface started to barely feel smooth anymore. Since I focused on noise when I first drew the sketch during the first phase of this project, I felt like the "distractions" I wanted to show actually came through on my plate. A new set of words that may describe my new plate is:
Erase [the peace from the first printing phase]

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