Tuesday, February 8, 2011


For my pathways drawings I chose to sit at my window on the 11th floor and draw what was below me. I can hear faint sounds that reverberate between the buildings and wanted to examine what was below compared to the sky above.

Through the process of creating observation drawings from my window on the eleventh floor, I became increasingly fascinated by the multitude of separate paths created by humans, birds, and cars. At first it was quite daunting when I realized how many of these paths intersect with my own without any recognition or relation to the dimensionality of neighbors in my environment.   

Interested in exploring relations between separate yet similar paths ways outside of my window I chose to symbolically pattern the paths I had previously observed. These path makers were: people tromping through snowy sidewalks, cars sleepily parked and the birds that draped themselves through the cluster of apartment buildings.

After completing the couplet of etchings where I studied the paths of inhabitants I wanted to look closer at what caused these paths to made. In the clay slabs I made the first one to represent the contour of the land where my burried stream existed in 1609. Amazed at how different the mass of land looked as well as the dramatic amount of birds, plants and reptiles that occupied this land due to its abundant abilities. In my second clay slab I wanted to represent stacked layout of the area today as well as note the little amount of green space.

 For my final project I wanted to link all of my previous studies and interests in contrasting land use and path ways in order to house both. After researching the habitat of both 1609 and today, I decided to ease the dangerous paths for native birds in this area. Since this location is right by the FDR and surrounded by fenced in housing projects, there has been recent danger to the Wood duck when taking them across the roadway and to the East River. By creating these wooden housing complex near the waters edge these birds will no longer have to sacrifice safety as they are able to reclaim lost land with out displacing others.

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