Monday, February 7, 2011

Field Drawings Gowanus Canal

The territory which I drew from was the 9th st bridge on the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. Living only 2 blocks away from this spot I have had an ongoing interest in this spot, as an area of highly concentrated traffic and industry. I love imagery that surrounds the canal, open water flowing through a neighborhood. The area is still pretty active industrially, thus sees boats which pass underneath, traffic that passes above, bike pedestrian, and vehicular, as well as directly above, it is right under the elevated subway line (the highest station in New York City). There is also a surprizing amount of animal life, as well as sounds from the nearby BQE, vibrations of the drawbridge, and of the trains over head. The water below, constantly in motion adds yet another element. I thus thought it was the ideal location for the study. Though it was hard to draw with no table or chair!

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